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Wolves  Win in Vancover: The wolves finally get back on the winning track with a tourney win at the Labatt Blue regional championships in North Vancouver.After the last two road trips a 0-6 record and a bunch of back outs It didn't look good but the boys pulled it together for a much needed win.Gavin put on a impressive show for his rookie road trip.


Tourney results: Boozy (Tie) Billy and Gavin

Quote of the weekend: Billy "IM going to call in my mail in vote"
close second "IM going to milk you like a snake"

New nick name: Gavin - "Puddles" or "Splatters"

 A-Wolves place 3rd in Whistler: The wolves went 2-1 in Whistler but did not advance to the finals.Only the top two teams made it and they went 3-0.The Wolves outscored the other teams 17-5.

Heavy D led the way with back-to-back shutouts!Solid defensive play by Polyak, Jesse, Big Dan, and George helped shut things down.Lalier (hat trick), Miller, and new addition, Scotty Reynolds led the way on offense. Cuppy chipped-in with 1 goal and three assists.
Jeremy did his usual great job making Miller look good! Good times, lots of laughs, and a "little" bit of booze!

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