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 The NPSL or "A" league is a Men's senior no check league that plays in the Seattle area. They play both a Summer and a Winter Season. It is the most established senior league in the area and has been around since the late '70s.  The Wolves have been playing in the "A" League since 1993.

The NPSL League: Plays out of the Kingsgate Ice Arena in Kirkland, Washington on Fridays and Sunday nights at OlympicView.

NPSHL Championships: 
Second Place: Summer 97,Winter 97,2004/05

Cascade Hockey League:The cascade hockey league has two no check divisons B-C and play most of its games at Lynnwood ice arena.The league has been around since the late 80's.The Wolves has played in the league since 1992 and has had great succsess over the years.

Cascade Champions - Winter 1997/98 -2001/02,2004/05,2006-07 Summer '96, '97, '98 ,03,

Cascade B-League Champs 2006/2007
 Cascade B-League Champs 2004/2005

Second Place - Winter '98/'99 -2002/03-2003/04

The Everett Hockey Leaue:The Everett League plays year-round at the new Everett Events Center in downtown Everett Washington.The league started in late 2004.The Everett league started out a low "B" league has now turn into a realy competitive "A" league.The EAHL

Evertt League Champions,Winter 2004/05 - 2006/07- 2nd Winter,2005/2006
Evertt League  Summer Champions 2005 and 2006

Wolves Win Cascade "B" League 06/07:
Wolves win! The Wolves rekindled there championship rivalry with the Bombers. After a year out of the cascade league both teams returned and found themselves once again matched up in the championship game. Full benches on both sides guaranteed this to be a fast game. And it did not disappoint. The Bombers rolled three lines and although the Wolves had some chances, the Bombers seemed to carry the play in the first period. 0-0 after one with some outstanding saves by the Seed. The Wolves picked things up in the second and outscored the Bombers 3-1 in the middle frame. HTL scored a typical garbage goal knocking in a bouncing puck at the crease to open the Wolves scoring. On the power play Mr Big converted a beautiful Cupcake pass for the second Wolves goal. The O’Brien brother teamed up for a short handed goal later in the period. The Bombers scored their goal on a super end to end rush by #17. The third period continued the fast paced game as HTL scored his second of the night knocking in a rebound of a Kelly Traw shot. #17 scored another goal on a blast after the Wolves turned the puck over in their own end. The Wolves held the lead and HTL scored an empty net goal with 23 seconds left to seal the victory. Congratulations to both teams for a clean, fast well played game. Final score, Wolves-5, Bombers-2.
Wolves win 2006-07 Title  Everett League.
WOLVES WIN Summer League In Everett:The Seattle Wolves won the EAHL summer title for 2006.The Wolves won with a record of 16-5-1.
WOLVES WIN 2004/05: Wolves win the Cascade B title 3-2 against  the hated Bombers. It was a close one, down 2 in the second the wolves rally with Kelly getting the game winner. They finaly get the Bomber's monkey off there back after the last two years. Congrats boys for the great year.
WOLVES WIN AGAIN,Everett 2005:The Seattle Wolves wins the EAHL title,more hardware for the Wolves.The Wolves won the title for the Thusday night hockey league in Everett.They won the title with a 17-5-1 record.





 NPSHL 2003/04 Champs

NPSHL 2000/01 Champs

NPSHL 1996/97 Champs

Cascade B-League Champs 2001/2002

Cascade C-Leage Champs 2001/2002