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Whistler B.C 2002 

     We had a very exciting game against them. Goaltending was excellent, scoring chances about even. They led 1-0 until the middle of the final period when Jr Hook tied it up. Things looked grim when the Senators scored a go ahead goal with only a minute and a half remaining but the Killer B line responded with a goal by HTL with 19 seconds left. The 5 minute OT produced no winner and we ended up going to a shoot out where the first 4 Wolves failed to score before Miller scored on our last shot. Hev slammed the door by denying all 5 of the Senators in the shoot out. A very exciting finish and the Wolves fifth tournament title of 2002 to go along with their two league championships.

The running for the shoes was even closer! 6 Wolves had a legitimate shot at the title. Things started early on Thursday evening with Hand's Love Van hitting a DUI roadblock on the way to Whistler. Must have been a beer-loving, hockey-playing Mountie who pulled them over because the left with all their beer and no ticket. Once in the village of Whistler, Miller and Jesse each made a huge effort to lock down the Boozy shoes on the first night. After closing Moe-Joes pub with Hands, K-E-L-L-Y and Junior (and meeting a lady of evening as well), the pair managed to stagger their way off a four foot embankment which resulted in some scrapes and bruises and a virtual tie in the running for the shoes. 

The contest heated up with HTL, Ferg & Kennedy entering the running on Friday. Kennedy was feeling the love as he assumed his regular position as a Boozy contender. Ferg, a new entrant, made a fine showing. Almost incomprehe nsible he attempted to 1) introduce Jesse to a group of gals having a little staggette (They couldn't understand him), 2) order shots at the bar (The bartender couldn't understand him) 3) successfully navigate the stairs out of the bar (He couldn't). He was however able to secure the penis shaped sippy cup from the bride-to-be and proceed to squirt all those in the immediate vicinity. A great showing, and for a time, the leader in the quest for his first pair of shoes. HTL's candidacy was inspired by his dancing with a very angry dwarf (she had some issues) and for his dropping of his pants in the bar. There was of course a legitimate reason. Some ladies had a photo of a man's butt and wondered if it was his. He thought it would be a good idea if they checked it out themselves.

 Everything was set for a tight battle between the five front runners on Saturday evening when out of nowhere came the rookie, the kid, the Cinderella story. From well back in the pack, he raced to fore, entertaining the masses with his dancing ability on the platform at Garfinkel's nightclub. He wasn't even phased as a gay patron dance his way onto the stage next to him. He's secure in his sexuality. After consuming substantial quantities of varying flavors of alcoholic beverages, the young upstart headed back to the Lodge making sure he high-fived each and every cabby waiting at a cab stand on the way. And there were many. The belt loops on his pants were very helpful in allowing his friends to keep him on his feet on the walk back. Once there, he must have decided he didn't need the alcohol any longer so his body ejected it orally onto the bathroom floor, then on the bedroom floor, then in the bed and, fortunately for Cleary, not on his roomie. Of course that sealed the deal and shoes now belong to the kid. Be forewarned, There's a new Boozy in town, and his name is .....................................(Name being withheld to protect the innocent).



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