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Monday Night Info  News Schedule and Teams: 

About Monday Night Hockey:

   Monday Night Hockey plays out of Highland Ice Arena in Shoreline, WA. As of right now, we only have one time slot at 8:30 pm. But there is room at the 10:00 pm time slot if  we can get enough players.

  I like to call this a pickup league because it's a little more competative than regular pickup but not as competative as a regular league game.

   The way we play this league is we have a ref or at least someone to drop the puck. The teams are spilit into as fair teams as possible. We play a three game series and at the end of the three games, we change the teams around and go at it again. We have 14 players a side, as well as a ref, and we also provide beer. The  cost to play for the regular season is $235 . We do take drop ins every now and then - cost $18. We are usually full but it doesn't hurt to ask CONTACT US

  Monday News: 


Here is the schedule for the rest of the year for Monday Night Hockey. I'm still working on getting a ref for Monday night but if anyone wants to volunteer to ref, I will credit you one skate every time you ref a game. Does anyone know someone that would like to ref? Let me know, and we will pay them.One other option we have is to get a ref from the cascade hockey officials association that would add $5 to your season fees,let me know what you think.


Schedule for Monday

Jan 8th to april 2th $235   13 weeks
April 9th to July 9th $235  13 weeks
 July 16th to Aug 27th $90 7 weeks(Summer rates)or $15 per skate
 Sep 10th to Dec 17th  $270  15 weeks
 Jan 8th start new year

Monday Night Policey:
If you want to play and you commit to playing, you will owe at least the down payment . We have had to many players in the past say they are going to play, and then don't show up for weeks, and then say "I'm sorry I wont be able to play this season". This leaves me with an empty spot. I have plenty of skaters that would like to play and pay. So, if you want to play, donít back out!

 Refund policey:           If you want to play great! If for some reason you committed to playing and you paid, but canít play anymore, then only if I can find a replacement for you and whatever game that replacement comes in and starts playing, that will be when you are refunded the difference in games that you didnít play.
So, hereís an example: You pay $230.00. After 5 weeks into the season you decide you canít play anymore. I canít find someone to take your spot until the 7th week. You will be refunded back for 7 games.
This is the same policy if you get hurt. I will try to get a replacement for you asap.
If you commit and donít show up and donít let me know that you have changed your mind for three weeks into the season, then you are held accountable to pay for the three weeks. You will not be allowed to play in the league until you have paid for the weeks that you commit to previously playing.




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